Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Makeup has been used to enhance the magnificence of both men and women for more than a thousand years. Wearing makeup highlights our natural features and also helps us express ourselves in a very creative way. Even though applying cosmetics is a craftsmanship that can change you, however, there are some rules that you need to follow. This is where you will be needing a proper makeup step-by-step guide. The most important thing to remember when it comes to applying flawless makeup is that you need to follow a general order of products. This will help you ensure that you achieve the most beautiful result. Everybody has their preference and style but the basics will always remain the same, so let’s get into it.

Step 1. Prep and Prime:

Makeup looks much more immaculate and significantly less cakey on the skin that is normally smooth and molded. Following a careful skincare routine is the response to naturally gleaming and perfect-looking skin. To guarantee that all your persistent effort keeps going consistently, use a primer, using an assigned primer ensures that your makeup looks more perfect and long-wearing. While applying your primer, it is ideal to use your hands to apply to the zones all over where you may require it the most. It’s best to apply the primer around your T-zone (brow and nose zone) to keep your makeup from sliding around your face.

Step 2. Foundation and Concealer:

Depending on the coverage you may need, your makeup base is your decision. Apply either your foundation, tinted moisturizer, or bb cream that you may require. With your preferred makeup brush texture pat the foundation into your skin. You must pick a shade of foundation that is the nearest match to your real skin tone, as picking some unacceptable shade can make you look spooky and peculiar. Additionally, pick a foundation based on your skin type. Individuals with oily skin should go for a matte completion establishment whereas people with dry skin should opt for a radiant finish foundation. For concealer, utilize one that coordinates your skin tone consummately. For under eyes, create an upside triangle with a concealer that is one to two shades lighter.

Step 3: Set Your Foundation With Powder:

Take a loose powder and apply it all over your face to ensure that the foundation sets into your face and doesn’t move around for the day.

Step 4: Add Depth With Bronzer And Blush:

To define your cheekbones, apply a brown-colored pigment to the sides of your face. By doing this you will underline and shape your face by giving an illusion of an elevated face. Take a blush shade of your choice and apply it to the apples of your cheeks. To discover the apples of your cheeks all the more effectively, try smiling. Utilizing the blush will add a flush of color and lighten up your face.

Step 5: Fill in Your Eyebrows to Outline Your Face:

Simply take a small brush and fill in the border of your eyebrows, following the hairline, start from the front and work as far as possible, a pencil will make it way more characterized and evident you filled them in. Our eyebrows outline our face and add that additional touch to our last look.

Step 6: Eyeshadow/Eyeliner:

In terms of eye makeup, the decision is truly up to you. Would you like to make a characteristic cosmetics search for a day at the workplace? A smokey eye for a provocative night out? Depending upon where you’re going and what you plan on wearing you can tailor your eye makeup to coordinate your temperament. Use a pencil, gel, or cream eyeliner to the line and characterize your eye shape.

Step 7: Finish Off With Mascara for Longer Looking Eyelashes:

Curl your lashes with an eyelash styler. At this point, apply mascara simultaneously to keep them curled longer.

Step 8: Apply Lipstick/Lipliner:

Draw a dainty line along the edge of your lips with a lip liner whose tone is one shade darker than your lipstick. Start at the focal point of the upper lip and work outward.
With these master tips, the correct products, and a little practice you’re prepared to take your makeup routine to the next level.