9 Home Improvement Hacks You Must Know

You’ve come to the perfect place if your house desperately needs improvements, but your budget isn’t quite ready. It takes courage to make renovations to your house, especially when you do it on your own. Here are nine home improvement hacks you must know.

Stubborn nails get a double-do

Trimming nails with tiny heads and removing nails when the head comes off can be a hassle. The key is to combine two tools: locking pliers to hold the nail shank and a pry bar to pull it out.

Drilling platform

This wall-mounted drilling platform can be built in only two hours and will hold everything you need. There’s a top shelf for accessories, a broader lower shelf for heavier objects by using a 3-inch PVC pipe. The drill dock comes with instructions on how to adapt it to match your drill, and you can even add a power strip to the bottom shelf to keep everything charged and ready to use.

Pliers with a gentle grip

Here’s an oldie that’s given a new spin. To grab plated surfaces without damaging them, soften the jaws of slip-joint or other pliers with bits of garden hose or other tubing. What’s the catch? They’re the right size to slide up the handles and keep them handy.

Grip stripped screws with a rubber band

We’ve all stripped a few screws at some point in our lives. And it usually isn’t a major inconvenience until you need to remove it. So try a rubber band for a screw grip the next time you’re in this predicament.

Cutter for string pipes

It is a great tip to know if you need to cut pipes hidden in a wall or another tight spot. You can saw through a 2 inch PVC pipe in less than a minute using a mason’s line.

Overhead storage in the garage

Make a simple rack of 2 inch PVC pipes and fittings to store bulky items overhead. Bolt the straight pipe to the ceiling joists to support heavy loads, then screw the angled pieces from the ‘wye’ connections into the cross, bracing to keep the rack stable. Loading and unloading are a snap because of the smooth surface of the PVC.

How to make a screwdriver magnet

To drive screws with just one hand, magnetize the end of a screwdriver. This tip is especially beneficial if you’re working in a limited area and can’t grip a screw with one hand while turning the screwdriver with the other.

Gutter cleaner with no ladder

This gutter cleaner is simple to create, takes about 10 minutes, and saves you from having to mount a ladder. As shown, drill 1/16-inch holes in the cap. Make the handle long enough to reach your gutters comfortably, then connect the pieces using PVC adhesive.

Hidden cords

Using plastic tubing to cover cords might help keep your home office area orderly. Tangle all the computer, mouse, monitor, and phone cords and stow them away in a plastic pipe. You may even compliment your office decor with some colorful tape.