6 Plant-Based Proteins You Must Add To Your Diet

People in today’s time want to make more healthy choices. People are following vegan or vegetarian diets to live a healthy lifestyle. When you are attempting to forgo meat, it is difficult to get adequate protein and minerals. It is essential to find products that can provide these proteins and minerals to your body. Certain plant-based products can help you get the proteins you need for a balanced diet. Here are six plant-based proteins you should consume.

Ezekiel bread

The best alternative to traditional bread is Ezekiel bread. The ingredients include millet, wheat, barley, lentils, and spelt. Ezekiel bread is packed with proteins and it is a good option for bread lovers. Each slice of Ezekiel bread provides 4 grams of protein. Hence, you must add Ezekiel bread to your diet.


It is high in protein, as it has many ingredients included. Seitan is an alternative to meat with a good amount of proteins and can satisfy your taste buds. People with gluten sensitivity must avoid Seitan, as it includes gluten wheat added as one of the principal ingredients to prepare it. Seitan is a protein-rich food that also provides the amino acid lysine. Every one-third cup of Seitan provides 21 grams of protein, making it the best alternative for meat.

Chia and Hemp seeds

Chia seeds provide 2 grams of protein in every tablespoon. Chia seeds can be paired with any dish to make it a protein-packed meal. You can add chia seeds to fruit yogurt, almond milk, or smoothies. Chia seeds also have many health benefits. For example, it can help maintain good heart health and reduce unnecessary calories in the body, etc. Hemp seeds are close to chia seeds. The main difference is that hemp seeds provide 5 grams of protein, which is comparatively higher than chia seeds.


Quinoa has high-level protein and is like grains. Every cup provides 8 grams of protein. You can have quinoa for lunch, as it is heavy and satisfying to the stomach, or you may use it in soups, etc. Quinoa seeds can also be added to salads and smoothies to raise their protein count.


Spirulina is mainly used to boost the immunity system. It is rich in protein as well as other nutrients and vitamins. It helps produce white blood cells and fights the bacteria in your body, which is an additional benefit. Spirulina can be found in powder form or as a supplement in the market. You can add it to juices, salads, and other foods to add to their taste quotient.


You can add lentils to any meal recipe, as it is easy to blend in. These seeds come in three to four varieties. The red and green seeds contain the highest rate of protein. Every half-cup of lentils provides up to 8.80 grams of protein. You can enjoy them in the rice, stew, salads, etc. Lentils can make any meal full of protein. Hence, you must make it a point to use lentils in your meals once a week at least.