5 Power Outfits To Shop For An Interview

You already must have heard that the first impression is the last. That is not just a saying. It may sound very shallow, but can be true. When you meet someone for the first time, you always judge personality based on appearance. You might care about this a lot more when you’re going in for an interview. First things first, you must remember to research the company before you choose your power outfit to get ideas. Here is a list of five power outfit ideas you can wear for an interview.

Shirt and trousers

You can never go wrong with this staple look. A formal shirt paired with trousers is an ideal look for any job interview, be it a desk job or an interview with a renowned company. You may want to look professional while giving off an independent vibe. Since you are looking for a professional look, try not to over-accessorize. A professional purse to hold all the documents and files, a watch, and tiny earrings should be enough. If you want to increase the power statement, wear a satin shirt. That would make some heads turn.

Pencil skirt and simple shirt

A pencil skirt is another professional look with a powerful feminine touch. The pencil skirt with the addition of a shirt will become a professional outfit ideal for an interview. This look screams power. Choose a pair of tiny earrings and a delicate chain to go with the look. You can also combine this look with a set of professional-looking heels, and you are all set to make a confident entry.

Suit up

A suit is a universally accepted option for an interview or a corporate job. You can find the coordinates to be a skirt or a pant. You can wear a shirt tucked in with a crispy ironed blazer and pants or skirts (according to your choice) with a pair of professional heels. Delicately accessorize your outfit with a chain and earrings. Suits are a great way to make a powerful statement for your interview.

Minimal dressing

Go for a minimalist look by wearing a simple black dress for your interview. A dress is a perfect alternative if you don’t want to appear excessively formal but yet want to look professional. There is great power in keeping it simple and subtle. This minimalist look is also way easier to achieve. To take it a notch higher and elevate this look, put on a smart blazer.


A jumpsuit can look casual but is still a powerful outfit for an interview. A jumpsuit is the easiest to style, as it is just one piece. It does not need much accessorizing. You can use a belt to style it with the most minimal attempt. Wear a statement chain to make a simple jumpsuit look more fashionable. You can add a shrug to your jumpsuit to make it look elegant and classy.

Take Inspiration

Take inspiration from movies and series to come up with more power looks. For example, the recent Netflix series called ‘Emily in Paris’ is a brilliant series to get some ideas for dressing up for the corporate world. The protagonist has worn a wide range of power outfits you could take inspiration from.